Press - review of articles


Luxembourg at a glance

The infographics about Luxembourg released by STATEC and the information and press office of the government (SIP) have been published in the Journal.


New brochure for tours through the Mullerthal

Recently the tourism federation 'Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg's Little Switzerland' published a new brochure explaining the various tours through the Mullerthal. Various Luxembourgish newspapers have published corresponding articles.


Youth hostel in Esch celebrates topping out

After a little over 9 months of construction works, the new youth hostel in Esch recently celebrated the topping out. The Tageblatt has published a corresponding article.


Tourism: Upward trend confirmed in 2015

Various Luxembourgish media outlets have published articles about the upward trend for Luxembourg in the tourism industry. 2014 had already been the most successful year for tourism in the country's history, and the trend continued in the first half of 2015.


Biking through Luxembourg's red rock region

On the 16th of August, the Office Régional du Tourisme Sud (ORT Sud) invites you to participate in a mountainbiking tour through the Red Rock region of Luxembourg, known to locals as the Minette. The newspapers Tageblatt and Journal have published corresponding articles.


The train station in Esch in the past, present and future

The Luxemburger Wort has published an article about the "Escher Goar" (train station in Esch) and how it has transformed over time. Additionally, there is a segment about the future of the area, which will include a youth hostel.


Yet again, the day-care centre in Schengen has again organised the holiday activities for children in Schengen. The Luxemburger Wort has published a corresponding article.


Luxembourg popularity still on the rise

Several media outlets have reported on Luxembourg's popularity still being on the rise as a tourist destination. According to the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO), there have been 9.8% more tourists in Luxembourg than at the same time last year.


Vakanz Doheem (Holidays at home)

As part of an article published by Tageblatt titled "Vakanz doheem" (holidays at home), the newspaper writes about wine tourism, the Upper Sûre Nature Park and guided tours of the Grand Ducal Palace. Alongside the article, an ad by Luxembourg's youth hostels was also published.


The evolution of Luxembourg's youth hostels

The newspaper Le Quotidien has published an article about the evolution of youth hostels in Luxembourg as well as the excellent wide range of activities organised by them.