Press - review of articles


Exhibition about the Pfaffenthal

Up until the beginning of 2016, visitors have the opportunity to view an exhibition about the Paffenthal at the 'Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg'. Alongside many other exhibits, the youth hostel in Luxembourg city forms part of the exhibition. The Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek has published an article about the exhibition.


A new youth hostel for Ettelbrück

Various Luxembourgish newspapers have published articles concerning the construction of a new youth hostel in Ettelbrück after the plan was approved by the majority of the local council.


Castles of Luxembourg

The Tageblatt has published an article about the historic castles of Larochette, Beaufort, Vianden and Esch-Sauer.


The biggest treasure hunt in the World

The Luxemburger Wort published a photo story documenting the most beautiful locations of geocaches in the country.


Vespa tourism in the Moselle region

The Tageblatt has published an article about a new target group for tourism in the Moselle region - Scooter drivers.


Nation branding for Luxembourg

Recently, parliamentary state secretary Francine Closener of the ministry of economics presented the core values of the brand that Luxembourg is planned to represent. The Journal and Tageblatt have published corresponding articles.


"Vakanz doheem": Holidays in your own country

Anne Hoffmannm, director general of the "Office National de tourisme" (ONT), talks to the Tageblatt about Luxemburg as a holiday destination and the many opportunities for a "Vakanz doheem": Holidays in your own country.


High standards: the youth hostels of Luxembourg

Just in time for the summer to begin, the Tageblatt has published an overview of Luxembourg's youth hostel movement, its offers, as well as their objective.


Offers by the Service national de la jeunesse (SNJ)

The Tageblatt has published an article about the wide range of activities offered by the SNJ.


Tourism in all its facets

In a very extensive editorial article, the Luxemburger Wort reported on the Grand Duchy as a tourist destination in all its facets.


Cooperation with tour operators from the whole world

A total of 23 study tours are planned for this year in order to present the advantages of Luxembourg as a tourist destination to foreign tour operators. The Luxemburger Wort has published a corresponding article.