The labels of youth hostels Luxembourg

Bed and Bike Luxemburg

The label "bed + bike" Luxembourg is a quality label for bicycle-friendly hostels. All youth hostels in Luxembourg receive throughout the year cyclists and guarantee them a range of services: bike storage, repair kits, packed lunch, stay for one night and much more.

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EcoLabel is a label for environmentally friendly tourism businesses. It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.

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Fairtrade Zone

Fairtrade Zone

A Fairtrade Zone is a place where products from fair trade are offered. All hostels in Luxembourg have a “Fair Trade Zone”.  So we serve fair trade coffee and rice from fair process cultivation.

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Hiker friendly accommodation at the Mullerthal Trail

Logo Mullerthal Trail Logo

The hostels Beaufort, Bourglinster, Echternach and Larochette are all located in the immediate vicinity of Mullerthal trails. The Mullerthal Trail is a hiking trail with a length of 112 km which leads through the region Mullerthal - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. Around the trail the guest will find plenty of local walks and extra tours which have been re-posted and are shown clearly on the Mullerthal trail map. As a walker-friendly accommodation at Mullerthal Trail, our Youth Hostels guarantee following criteria:

  • short distance to the trails
  • competent employers
  • itineraries and tour advice
  • maps to view
  • diverse and healthy breakfast
  • trays for hiking boots in the rooms
  • cleaning and drying facilities for outdoor clothing

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HI-Q - Quality Certified Hostels


HI-Q, the HI Quality Management System, complements the well-established HI Assured Standards, and focuses on hostel management and operations. It takes ‘best practice’ from quality systems around the world and tailors them to the specific needs of hostels.

HI-Q enables hostels to consistently improve and deliver high standards to ensure you have a great hostel experience. HI-Q is a long-term programme that is now being implemented in HI hostels around the world. Only those hostels which successfully complete the programme will be certified and able to display the distinctive HI-Q logo – look out for it in the hostels you visit over the coming months.

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SQL - Service Qualiteit Luxemburg

SQL is a statewide initiative of the Ministry of Economy which aims to promote quality development and quality assurance in companies.

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SuperDrecksKëscht ® for companies

The SuperDrecksKëscht ® is a brand that was developed as part of the waste management strategy of the State of Luxembourg. His orientation is determined by the EU waste management strategy with the hierarchies - prevention first, then preparing for reuse, followed by recycling, before other recycling activities ( recovery), before elimination of waste. It is the responsibility of theSuperDrecksKëscht® to use and implement the newest know-how, to realize a sustainable ressources management in the ecological and economic sense, with high quality. This realization then allows to practice a role model in the ecological restructuring of our society. This model should give impulses to all stakeholders in the economy aiming at ressource efficiency and environmental benefits.

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The label of the LSC - "Luxembourg School for Commerce" certifies a company as an official training center. So students can do internships in different hostels in the areas of reception, kitchen or animation and can gain practical experience for their future careers.

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Free Wifi


In all our youth hostels we guarantee our guests free internet access via the hotspots of Visual Online.

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