Unleashing adventure: voting now open for the Luxembourg Tourism Awards 2023


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We are excited to be a part of this year's edition of the Luxembourg Tourism Awards. Our two projects, Mëllerdall Outdoor and active youth hostels, have been accepted by the jury and are now ready for voting. Help us strengthen adventure tourism in Luxembourg and showcase this wonderful destination in all its diversity by voting for our projects.

What are the Tourism Awards and what makes them so special?

This award aims to recognize players in the tourism sector who contribute to the revitalization of the economy and make Luxembourg a visible and attractive travel destination for all: an open-minded country in the heart of Europe. In the 2nd edition of the awards, the focus is on adventure tourism, which is based on the pillars of the Visit Luxembourg brand: reliability, openness, and dynamism. It is a philosophy of travel that combines adventure, eco-tourism, and cultural tourism, offering authentic experiences to enhance the destination of Luxembourg.

Mëllerdall Outdoor!

In collaboration with the LEADER region, the tourism association of the Mullerthal region, and the municipalities, we have developed the Mëllerdall Outdoor project to provide active nature experiences in the breathtaking landscape of the region. Our goal was to raise awareness among participants of all ages about this unique natural area and to protect its beauty. As a result, the following activities have been created or expanded: intuitive archery, adventure backpack, mobile low ropes course, geocaching, and cooperative tasks.

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Active youth hostels

The youth hostels offer much more than just a place to sleep. Here, young and adult guests can satisfy their thirst for adventure, whether it's indoor climbing in Echternach or watersports in Lultzhausen. While the Mëllerdall Outdoor project is mainly focused on groups, our climbing activities and water sports rentals are open to anyone seeking exciting experiences.

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What are you waiting for? Vote now with 5 stars and help us win the award! The voting is open until June 23rd.


Luxembourg Tourism Awards - vote for our projects!

Luxembourg Tourism Awards - vote for our projects!

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