Our team

Caution: There are many of them and they can appear in different forms…


The youth hostels

Caution: You might meet one of these people in a hostel. They usually pose as managers or responsible people.

Patrick L. YH Beaufort Hugo H. YH Beaufort Joel M. YH Echternach Romane B. YH Esch-sur-Alzette Gaby B. YH Larochette Joelle M. YH Larochette Max F. YH Lultzhausen Peter M. YH Luxembourg Eric S. YH Luxembourg Melanie M. YH Luxembourg Tom B. YH Remerschen Chris V. - YH Vianden



Caution: These people make a living from spreading a good mood – seems awfully suspicious and too good to be true!

Christoph H. Animation Jeannot K. Animation Milan K. Animation


Technical support

Caution: They might come forth behind the shower curtain (during maintenance of the sanitary facilities)…

Tom R. Head office maintenance Tom F. Head office maintenance


Social institutions

Caution: These people will release their hordes of well-trained minions on your children.

Anja D. Head office child and youth care Sergio F. Maison Relais Beaufort Marie-Rose B. Crèche Krunnemécken Annette S. Maison Relais Biddestëpp Fiels Jeff D. Maison Relais Schengen Prisca P. Maison Relais Schengen Monique K. Maison des Jeunes Larochette Fabienne M. Maison des Jeunes Vianden



Caution: Supposedly these people deal mostly with numbers and letters…

Peter H. Head office Director Nicole B. Head office HR Svava J. Head office HR Daniel B. Head office financial department Elena C. Head office financial department Tanja D. Head office Administration Karsten S. Head office CRM and sustainability Dany A- Head office Administration Martine B. Head office Marketing Gilles S. Head office Animation Charline G. - Head office Animation Daniel G. Head office project management Serge P. Head office project management


Advisory Board

Caution: These are the honorary people pulling the strings in the background...

Romain W.  Conseil d'administration Marie-Josée R.  Conseil d'administration Lex B.  Conseil d'administration Gérard B. Conseil d'administration Michèle J.  Conseil d'administration Christoph R.  Conseil d'administration Marc B.  Conseil d'administration Carole J. Conseil d'administration Dieter E. Conseil d'Administration