Study trips in Luxembourg

The youth hostels have specialised in organising study trips for some time now.  The team will be glad to devise individual study days on banking and finance, the European Union, agriculture and history. Only available for groups which book an overnight stay at the youth hostel.

Luxembourg as a financial centre
Known worldwide, this study trip is particularly suited for visits to banks and businesses.  142 banks from all over the world are established in Luxembourg thereby conferring a multicultural flair to the city.

Capital of Europe
Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the European Union.  Numerous institutions such as the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Auditors, the General Secretariat of the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank are headquartered in Luxembourg thereby forming the third pillar of the EU along with Brussels and Strasbourg.

In addition to the traditional agriculture, winemaking has been an important activity for centuries.  The winemaking region on the German-Luxembourgish Moselle is known far beyond the country’s borders and cultivars such as Auxerrois, Pinot and Riesling have won numerous awards.

Established in the year 963, the City of Luxembourg and its environs are a region with a long history.  The Romans and the Franks founded numerous cities and have left their traces for eternity.  Many sites and museums related to World War II can also be visited.




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