Sustainability in Luxembourg's youth hostels

In 2014, the Luxembourg youth hostels have again underlined their dedication to creating a sustainable network. A photovoltaic system creating its own electricity has been set up at the Youth hostel in Beaufort subsequent to its completion. Due to its energy efficient infrastructure, thermal collectors and wood-chip heating system, the youth hostel conforms to state of the art energy efficiency standards.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that all youth hostels in Luxembourg are participating in the SuperDrecksKëscht. The SuperDrecksKëscht is an initiative by the Luxembourg government to encourage and regulate ecological waste management. The scope of the initiative includes prevention, handling, re-use, recycling, valorisation (ie. for energy extraction) and correct disposal.

All of Luxembourg’s youth hostels have officially been declared Fair Trade Zone and seek to support fair international trade through purchase of specific products. In the fight against poverty and exclusion, Fairtrade supports the disadvantaged producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Equitable trade improves the lives of employees, reinforces the national economy, and diminishes injustice in global trade. The hostels therefore actively participated in the Lëtz’ Step to Fairtrade initiative and proudly support a fair, global market economy through the purchase of FairTrade products.

In close cooperation with Iwerliewen asbl, a charity dinner has been organised with all proceeds invested in development work in Africa. Furthermore, a charitable retirement farewell was also organised with all proceeds being donated to NepaliMed Luxembourg. The focus on our efforts, however, was a project titled “Your health is the focus of our efforts!”, aiming to restructure gastronomy with regard to sustainability and in accordance with our mission as a youth hostel network. The key message being that affordable food can still remain sustainable and ecological.

Finally, the majority of Luxembourg’s hostels have been awarded the Ecolabel badge, a certificate for facilities encouraging and supporting ecologically aware, responsible tourism. The hosteling network also took part in a conference in Interlaken in December 2014, aiming to create and put in place an internationally recognised quality label for youth hostels with regard to sustainability. The label will adapt to existing ecology standards.