Sustainability in Luxembourg's youth hostels

Ever since their creation, Luxembourg’s youth hostels have been passionate about protection of the environment as well as nature conservation. Furthermore, as a tourist infrastructure, our success is directly linked to the cleanliness and attractiveness of the environment surrounding of our hostels as well as the sustainability of our work and offers. The purpose of this page is to share information with our guests regarding our efforts to encourage ecotourism.

Labels and certificates

In order to guarantee a constant improvement of our quality and sustainability standards, as well as receive professional advice and guidance in the respective areas, Luxembourg’s youth hostels work with a number of labels and certificates. The scope of our activity ranges from sustainable purchasing policies to encouraging car-free travel and implementing Hostelling International's very own quality and sustainability system HIQ&S.

7 Tips for sustainable tourism

Sustainable development should always be a joint effort! Read our blog article to find out more about the positive impact you can have by making small changes to your habits as a tourist. Everyone can contribute to supporting sustainable tourism and eco-friendly mobility.

Supporting biodiversity

Luxembourg’s youth hostels have established several initiatives to support local biodiversity and raise awareness regarding the importance of the local fauna. These projects include insect hostels in the gardens of the youth hostels in Luxembourg-City and Beaufort as well as beehives on the roof of the hostels in Esch/Alzette and Luxembourg City. The honey gained from the latter is also used in the in-house restaurant.

Social and multicultural

In total, Luxembourg’s youth hostels employ over 200 people from over 45 countries. It’s important to us not to just have guests from all over the world, but also offer a diverse and colourful workplace to our employees. Furthermore, we support various social projects such as the ‘Yolande Coop’, which employs disabled people and offers them a work environment adapted to their capabilities.




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