Training camps for sport groups

Top youth hostels for sport groups

Sport & Fun

Keen to boost your team’s spirit?
Need to prepare for a competition?
Or do you simply want to spend a couple of sporting days?

We have made a selection of youth hostels for you that are particularly suited for sports enthusiasts, clubs and associations.  The youth hostel in Echternach provides a professional, motivating and advantageous training environment, whilst affording you opportunities to discover natural and cultural highlights as well.

Apart from the youth hostel in Echternach, sports groups are of course also welcome in all other youth hostels.

We will devise a programme upon request for you that combines sport and culture.  Contact us for your individual group offer.


Sports criteria

  • sport possibilities in the youth hostel or the immediate vicinity
  • sport-related facilities, meeting rooms and material storage rooms
  • single or double rooms upon request for trainers and leaders
  • towel service
  • recreational opportunities for groups
  • consideration of catering requests:  healthy sports nutrition, flexible meal times, regional products
  • group menus, buffets and barbecues

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30.03.2024 - 30.09.2024

Have fun at the trampoline park!

09.05.2024 - 08.06.2024

Win a free overnight stay for two!