Hiking Trail Beaufort - Vianden


The path starts in Beaufort in front of the youth hostel. Near the castle we start following the Sentier Maurice Cosyn (sign change) and stick to it while we walk along the Haupeschbaach. The trail leads over Eppeldorf and Keiwelbaach to Gilsdorf near Diekirch, where we cross the Sûre. Before passing the bridge we change the hiking trail (sign change) to the Sentier de l’Our, but follow the same sign.
Over the fields above Bettendorf the path leads through Marxbierg and descends to the valley of the Our. Leaving Bettel behind us we reach Vianden and the youth hostel.

Tour Info

Distance: 31.7 km
Time: 8 h
Difficulty: 5/5


For the tour we recommend you to use the topographical maps of the "ACT". More info here
The maps are available at the youth hostel of your choice.
ACT MAP R6 1:20 000
ACT MAP R3 1:20 000
ACT NORD 1:50 000


Download the tour for your GPS device here (.gpx) or in the map on the bottom.
Bring your own GPS unit and do this hiking trail as a geocache. More infos here.