Hiking trail Luxembourg - Hollenfels

Route description

The routes of the youth hostels lead over different hiking paths with varied signposts. When the path marking changes, a sign indicates the direction of the route. The tour starts at the youth hostel Luxembourg-City. We follow the youth hostels trail and pass through the suburb ‘Pfaffenthal’ to arrive at ‘Eecherfeld’. We then follow the CFL trail through the ‘Bambësch’ until we arrive at the ‘Brideler Plateau’. In Kopstal, we enter the valley of the Mamer at ‘Weidendall’. We then continue on the CFL trail in direction of Mersch until we arrive at ‘Claushaff’. We continue on the youth hostels trail to Hollenfels. The youth hostel is situated opposite the Hollenfels castle.

Tour information

  • Distance: 25,1 km
  • Duration: 6,5 hours
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Difference of level: uphill: 550 m; downhill: 490 m

Maps for the journey

To do this tour, we recommend the use of topographical maps from the land registry ('A.C.T'):

  • ACT Map R5 1:20.000
  • ACT Map R7 1:20.000

Link to the detailed map on Geoportail Luxembourg: http://g-o.lu/3/2kq0 

Start and arrival of the hiking tour

Youth hostel Luxembourg

N 49°36.792 E 006°08.291’
2, rue du Fort Olisy
L-2261 Luxembourg
T. (+352) 26 27 66 650
F. (+352) 26 27 66 680

Youth hostel Hollenfels
N 49°42.732’ E 006°03.044’
2, rue du Château
L-7435 Hollenfels
T. (+352) 26 27 66 500
F. (+352) 26 27 66 530


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