Indoor climbing in ECHTERNACH

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Indoor Climbing Wall
Echternach Youth Hostel

We place the 14 metre high indoor climbing wall of the Echternach Youth Hostel at your disposal for experiential education and team building activities.  The focus here is on a capacity for teamwork, social skills and trust.  But knotting and safety techniques and lots of fun are also on the agenda.  From the physical point of view, climbing is holistic fitness training.  From the psychological perspective, the individual challenges posed by climbing build self-confidence and self-assurance.  The latter is an indispensable skill for working effectively and boosts the productivity and motivation of the participants.  Climbing is never carried out on one’s own, but always with the team.

Duration: 3 hours
Price per group: 290 €
Age: adults
Number of participants: max. 16 persons

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