Training camps for sport groups in LULTZHAUSEN

Youth hostel Lultzhausen

Accommodation and facilities

The youth hostel is located in the centre of the village, right on the lakeshore.  It has 112 beds in 30 rooms, divided into 2 and 6 beds per room.  It also boasts the following facilities:  1 conference room for 80 people, 2 classrooms for 30 people, 4 discussion rooms for 12 people, 2 lounges, 1 restaurant that seats 100, 1 cafeteria and 1 terrace with view onto the lake.

Place and location

The landscape features the hills of the Upper Sûre Natural Park, densely forested valleys and is formed by the plateaus of the artificial lake.  The small village of Lultzhausen is located right on the lakeshore and boasts a magnificent beach and lakeside promenades.  Parking facilities are within 150 metres from the hostel grounds.

Sport possibilities

Thanks to its unique location, the youth hostel provides many possibilities for a sporting stay.  A mini stadium, a sport and climbing hall, as well as the lake and its environs beckon with various types of sports:

  • Indoor sports:
    Climbing, basketball, gymnastics, table tennis, volleyball, football
  • Outdoor activities:
    Mountain biking, mini stadium with possibilities for football, volleyball, basketball, street basketball, and new games, Nordic walking, jogging, triathlon
  • Water sports:
    Canoeing, kayaking, rafting, diving (own filling station), sailing, windsurfing, fishing

Other recreational opportunities

Esch-sur-Sur Castle, visit to the SEBES drinking water facility, numerous walking and cycling paths, solar boat, Burfelt forest discovery centre, geocaching.