Nursery Krunnemecken in WINTRANGE

The crèche looks after children aged two months to four years from the municipality of Schengen and the surrounding area. The children are welcomed daily in a family environment and are given the opportunity to discover themselves and their environment in different ways. Through a variety of activities, the educational staff try to meet the children's needs, interests and stage of development. Experiences in the nature reserve ‘Haff Remich’, activities on the Airtramp, activities in the context of multilingual education and language learning, music and creative work are just a few examples of the activities on offer. The cooperation with parents plays an important role in everyday life, as does the cooperation with the primary schools of the municipality of Schengen and other partners.

Our capacity 

We welcome children between the age of 2 months and 4 years, which are then split up into three groups:

  • Baby group „Pimpampel“ (2 months – 18 months) –  9 places
  • 'Beienascht' group: (18 months - 4 years) – 15 places                    
  • 'Himmelsdéiercher' group (18 months - 4 months) – 12 places

Target group
Children from the commune of Schengen and its vicinity.

Inscribing your child is possible all year-round, whereas the admission is normally in September. Children can be inscribed for full-time as well as part-time care (mornings or afternoons).

Tarif chèque-service
The 'chèque-service' tariff regulates the excent of the parents' financial involvement.

The groups and infrastructure
The aims of our pedagogical work