Frequently asked questions – Here are all the answers at a glance

Whether it's for a climbing initiation, a free climbing session or a group activity in our climbing hall, there are certainly many questions. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our climbing hall at Echternach youth hostel.


From the age of 5, children may participate in free climbing and climbing initiation. Participation in free climbing requires the accompaniment of a full-paying adult who knows the belaying techniques.

From the age of 9, children are allowed to belay on their own when accompanied by an adult.

Children from the age of 5 and young people up to the age of 15 must always be accompanied by a full-paying adult. We offer climbing courses every year from September onwards, which are aimed at children in the appropriate age category.

Everyone who enters the climbing hall must pay admission, whether they climb themselves or only belay. Belaying is part of climbing and as a rule parents belay their children while climbing.

A certain number of adult accompanying persons are required for birthday climbing. For activities for children aged 9 and over, at least 2 adults must be present and also belay. For birthday activities with children aged 5 - 8 years, at least 3 to 4 adults must be present and belay the children. Children under the age of 9 are not yet allowed to belay each other.

Belaying is a basic requirement for free climbing. In order to acquire this knowledge, one should take part in a climbing initiation course, where one will learn in small groups (max. 8 participants) about the material, a tying knot, the procedures for belaying and our hall. Our trainers adapt the climbing initiation to the participants and the situation in the group. The focus here is on belaying; climbing experience will be gained over time.

In order to take part in the climbing initiation, one has to register in advance via the following link:

Free climbing is available during the opening hours without pre-registration. However, due to the size of the hall, access may be restricted at times.


Climbing only works with a belay partner. It is better to climb in a team. One can also come on one’s own and see if one can belay other climbers or be belayed by other climbers.

For hygienic reasons, climbing is only allowed with shoes. Special climbing shoes are best suited for climbing, these are available for rental at the youth hostel. However, clean trainers are also sufficient for the beginning.

The youth hostel provides safety equipment (GriGri®), climbing harnesses and climbing shoes for rental. In the initiation courses, the climbing harness and belay device are included in the price. For free climbing, these can be hired for a small fee. For lead climbing in the hall we also rent lead ropes.

We recommend belaying with a semi-automatic belay device such as the GriGri® in our climbing hall.

The youth hostel also offers lead climbing courses on request. Simply contact the trainer in the hall or send us a request to

Yes, one can use one’s own lead rope and express slings. Express slings are included in the price of the lead rope rental.

During free climbing there is always a supervisor in the hall. Free climbing is not a course and therefore techniques are only shown to a limited extent. However, the supervisor is there to help and advise the climbers.

In the initiation courses, on the other hand, there is a trainer on site who goes through the belaying techniques and knot tying in detail with the participants. Here they mainly learn how to belay, and then they gain further climbing experience over time during free climbing.

Eating is not allowed in the hall. However, as this is a sporting activity, climbers are of course allowed to bring their water bottle into the hall. Just make sure that it is not a glass bottle, as there is too great a risk of injury if it is broken.

Yes, Echternach youth hostel has showers and locker rooms. These are located next to the climbing hall and can be used free of charge.

The climbing hall is open to everyone. If the climber wants to try climbing only once, he does not have to be a member or an overnight guest of the youth hostel. Nevertheless, members have the advantage of being able to purchase season tickets and a ten-entries-card.

Children who are not climbing are not allowed to play in the climbing hall for safety reasons. However, our common rooms on the first two floors are suitable for this purpose. In good weather there is also a playground by the lake, and in summer the trampoline facility right next to the youth hostel is open.

It is not allowed to leave the group alone. The climbing coach is responsible for the organisation of the activity. The group leader remains responsible for his group and, together with the trainer, must ensure that the activity is not disturbed.

Apart from the legal liability provisions, one climbs the wall at his own risk and liability.