Maison Relais Larochette

Day-care centre and outdoor kindergarten Larochette

The "Maison Relais Larochette" is a day-care centre for children and pupils of the commune of Larochette. It is spread over three separate sites.

Our work methods

The purpose of the day-care centre is to provide mentoring and supervision of children outside of school hours as well as during school holidays. The children are first mentored in the mornings and then collectively accompanied to school. At lunch, the children are provided with well-balanced meals by the nearby youth hostel before receiving help with homework in the afternoon. Furthermore, special opening hours have been arranged to help parents who work unconventional hours, i.e. shifts. Upon request, children can be supervised in the mornings before shifts. During school holidays, the day-care centre organises complementary holiday activities on top of its usual duties.

The day-care centre and outdoor kindergarten staff consists of 31 educators who supervise and mentor children all day long whilst offering a wide range of activities.

Registration normally applies to a whole school year and needs to be renewed every year.

Lunch service

The meals delivered to the different venues of the day-care centre and outdoor kindergarten are carefully prepared by the local youth hostel of Larochette. The kitchen staff has many years of experience of accommodating groups and specifically caters to the needs of the day-care centre.

As the day-care centre considers a healthy diet and the origin of food as part of its pedagogical mission, the meals served to children are diverse and well-balanced. Consequently, many of the ingredients used are locally produced, seasonal and/or ‘fair trade’ certified.

As part of the daily lunch routine, our educators encourage the children to take a close look at their food and ask questions. Where are the ingredients from? How are they prepared? What’s healthy and what isn’t?

During holidays such as Christmas, Carnival or Easter, it is also common for the children to be invited into the kitchen and lend a helping hand to the staff. The kitchen staff of the youth hostel are happy to explain the different steps to the children and answer to all the food-related questions they might have. They may even create a new dish together!

The sites

The ‘Maison Relais Larochette’ and its offers are spread over three separate sites:

1. Maison Relais Larochette

55, Chemin J.A. Zinnen 
L-7626 Larochette
Tel. : 26 87 37 81
Fax:  26 87 37 83 
e-mail : 

Opening hours
Mondays – Fridays 

08:00 – 12:00

During the school holidays, the day-care centre is open Mo – Fr from 5:30 – 22.30

Registration for times between 05:30 and 07:00 as well as between 19:00 and 22:30 is only possible upon special request

2. Maison Relais Larochette Annexe C.R.A.C.

Centre de Rencontre et d'Animation culturelle (C.R.A.C.) 
2a, rue du Pain
e-mail : 

The C.R.A.C. is an annexe to the main building and exclusively accommodates pupils of school cycles 3 und 4.

Opening hours

Mondays – Fridays
12.00-14.00: lunch

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
16.00-17.00: home work / tutoring

Tuesdays and Thursdays
14.00-15.00: home work / tutoring
15.00-17.00: Time for games, projects and leisure activities

3. Fielser Bëschcrèche 

The "Fielser Bëschcrèche" is a kindergarden in the forest on the border of the village for children form 2 - 4 years.

79, rue de Mersch
L-7620 Larochette
Tel.: 26 87 38 90

Opening hours:

Mondays – Fridays