Maison Relais Schengen

The Maison Relais Schengen is divided into the three central schools Remerschen, Bech-Kleinmacher and Elvange.

The main objective of the Maison Relais is to care for children aged 3 to 12 in the municipality, both outside school hours but also during school holidays. Care is provided from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. The day care centre thus offers a morning welcome before school, a meal prepared by the youth hostel at lunchtime and supervision with homework as well as activities and educational projects in the afternoon.

This is an inclusive Maison Relais, where special emphasis is placed on doing justice to each child by constantly trying to identify the children's needs and responding to them in the design of the rooms, activities and free time. Participation, i.e. the participation and co-decision-making of and by the addressees, is particularly important, which is why all activities, projects and ideas arise from the children's wishes, interests or identified needs. The open concept, which gives the children the opportunity to decide for themselves in which functional areas or with whom they want to spend their free time at Maison Relais, also contributes to this.

The daily meals at the various locations are prepared fresh every day by the team at Remerschen youth hostel. The kitchen team can look back on many years of experience and respond specifically to the wishes of the Maison Relais.

Locations and opening hours