If you are reading this you are interested in social, sporting and educational tourism, especially for children, youth and families or to get to the point, in ‘youth hostels’.

If your current interest goes beyond the search for an inexpensive place to stay overnight, just come and join us, support us in our efforts to promote social, sporting and educational tourism and to make the youth hostels fit for the future.

We offer the right platform for this. So why not become an ‘associé’ in our association and discuss with us the near and far development potentials of the youth hostels. You will regularly gain an insight into the inner workings of the youth hostels and be part of the managing partners’ committee, which has a say in the development of the youth hostels at the annual general meeting.

That’s not enough for you and you would like to get even more involved?

As an ‘associé’, this is also possible! You can submit your candidacy as a board member and, if elected, you will be even closer to the daily business of the youth hostels and, if you wish, support the management in an advisory capacity or possibly represent the youth hostels in international associations.

Many things are possible, so contact us and apply for an extended membership in addition to the classic membership (Hostelling International membership card) by calling (+352) 26 27 66 200, by sending an e-mail to or by filling in the contact form.

We look forward to your support.



Best regards

Romain Weis




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