Planning and organisation

School trips and group trips are unique experiences for the participants and require thorough preparation. This checklist is intended to help you in the organisation before, during and after the trip. 




  1. Create a small concept: what do you want to achieve with your class? What are the educational goals?
  2. Class discussion: The class should be allowed to participate in some points of the planning and, depending on their age, do some research themselves. Clarify the content-related goals of a class trip with your pupils. Why should we go on a trip, what do we want to achieve? Where can the expectations best be realised?
  3. Select a destination: which youth hostel meets the requirements of the concept? Where can you find cultural and educational offers that fit into your concept? Pay attention to accessibility, location, facilities.
  4. Contact the youth hostel: find out about their availability, request an estimate, plan activities and book your stay and programme.
  5. Check your youth hostel membership and apply for membership if necessary.
  6. Organise arrival and departure: Book transfer (municipality, coach or train), get bus and train timetables (
  7. Select the accompanying persons: pay attention to previous experience and training (colleague, trainee, educator) as well as gender separation.
  8. Book the youth hostel and activities early.
  9. It is advisable to visit the youth hostel before the trip.
  1. Draw up a financing plan: Determine costs (travel, accommodation and meals, programmes, activities, visits, etc.).
  2. Apply for any cost subsidies and permits from the municipality.
  3. Families in need can apply to the social welfare office to be partly reimbursed.
  4. Plan joint activities to finance the class trip: pumpkin sale at Halloween, baking biscuits for Christmas, organising a flea market, raffle, etc.
  1. Letter to parents: Parents should be informed well in advance about the plan, destination, date and cost of the trip. Include a written parental consent form and a medical information sheet for them to complete and sign.
  2. Organise a parents' evening: present and discus:
  3. Destination and youth hostel, daily schedule and programme
  4. General information
  5. Liability and supervision
  6. Pocket money and valuables
  7. Pedagogical values and goals
  8. Information on important points: Medication, vaccination certificate, allergies.
  9. Prepare packing list (draw attention to sturdy footwear and leisure clothing depending on activities and season).
  10. Prepare a leaflet with the address and contact details of the youth hostel for the students and parents.


  1. Control calls: Contact youth hostel and transport company shortly before departure.
  2. Specify exact number of participants and special needs (vegetarians, allergies, religious dietary requirements, etc.)
  3. Check opening times and dates.
  4. Assemble or check first aid kit.
  5. Assemble sports and games materials, board games and handicraft materials.
  6. Check photo camera, video camera, phone, pack sufficient memory cards.
  7. Make copies of contracts and documents (youth hostel, transport company, etc.).
  1. Take photos and make videos (distribute this task to pupils according to age).
  2. Distribute task.
  3. Make a diary with children (make a newspaper or wall newspaper during the stay).


  1. Review the experiences in class.
  2. Ask the pupils for their impressions.
  3. Settle the total costs.
  4. Settle outstanding bills.
  5. Organise a parents' evening with photos and/or video recordings.