Melting Pot - the youth hostel restaurant in Esch-sur-Alzette


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Melting Pot - the name says it all. Young people and youngsters at heart as well as Luxembourg residents and tourists of all nationalities meet and discuss here and are building up new contacts. And how can this going better? Of course, with a good meal and a delicious drink.

Melting Pot in Esch-sur-Alzette

Due to the current situation, our restaurant ‘Melting Pot’ will remain closed until further notice. However, our terrace will be open again from 7th of April until 6:00 o'clock.

The restaurant is on the ground floor and offers place for up to 100 guests. Varied daily menus are offered every day and in addition you have the possibility to eat “à la carte”, a card, where you also find vegetarian menus. Groups can choose between many offerings from the catering brochure.


Menu de la semaine Esch-sur-Alzette

Menu de la semaine Esch-sur-Alzette

à 10,50 € (prix membre) et à 11,50 € (prix non-membre)

Lundi, le 23 novembre 2020
Côtelette de porc (viande luxembourgeoise), sauce brune à la moutarde (10,7)
Croquettes de pommes de terre , salsifis au beurre
Flan parisien (1,3,7)

Mardi, le 24 novembre 2020
Veggie Day

Lasagnes végétariennes(3,7)
Mousse au chocolat (3,7)

Mercredi, le 25 novembre 2020
Poitrine de veau farcie (viande du terroir) tagliatelles (1,3), chou-fleur gratiné (7)
Tarte maison (1,3,7)

Jeudi, le 26 novembre 2020
Cuisse de poulet (label rouge) au citron et au romarin (1),
Riz bio fairtrade, haricots verts
Pudding anglais(1,3,7)

Vendredi, le 27 novembre 2020
Dos de cabillaud sauce hollandaise (3,4,7), quinoa et légumes
Panna cotta aux fruits rouges (7)

Samedi, le 28 novembre 2020
Blanquette de veau (viande du terroir) (1,7), pâtes (1,3), carottes poêlées
Glace Luxlait (3,7)

Dimanche, le 29 novembre 2020
Emincé de bœuf (viande du terroir), riz bio fairtrade, légumes mixtes
Dessert au choix (1,3,7)

Menu Végétarien de la semaine
Gratin de chou-fleur, œuf bio et pommes de terre (1,3,7)


Nous donnons priorité aux produits du terroir et nous utilisons des produits issus du commerce équitable.

Restaurant Melting Pot Esch-sur-Alzette
17, boulevard J.F. Kennedy
L-4170 Esch-sur-Alzette
T. (+352) 26 67 66 450
F. (+352) 26 27 66 480

Seasonal dishes

Manioc fritters, organic Fairtrade rice and vegetables 14,00€
Garlic shrimps, organic Fairtrade rice and vegetables (2) 18,00€
Ravioli with spinach and Ricotta stuffing with cheese or ham sauce (1)(3)(7) 11,00€


Menu of the day  11,50€
Starters buffet (soup and salad) 17,50€
Chicken fricassee (1)(3)(7)(9)(12) 12,00€
Entrecôte with brown sauce or peppersauce or herb butter (1)(7)(9) 18,50€
Cordon bleu, French Fries and vegetables (7) 13,50€
Pasta with tomato sauce, cream sauce or vegetables (1)(7) 10,00€
Wok with chicken (3)  11,00€
Salmon steak with or without tarragon sauce (4) 16,00€
Grilled fish with or withour tarragon sauce (4) 13,00€
Lasagne (3)(7) 11,00€
Wok with tofu (6) (v) 11,00€
Omelette with cheese or herbs (3)(7) (v) 9,50€
Gnochi with pesto (1)(3)(7)(8) (v) 10,50€

Children's menu

Chicken Run: Chicken Nuggets, French fries, dessert 6,50€
Moby Dick: Fish sticks, rice, dessert 6,50€
Pinocchio: Pasta with sauce, dessert 6,50€


Parfait with fruit sauce (3)(7)                                               3,50€
Dame blanche (3)(7) 5,00€
Dessert of the day 2,00€
Ice-cream or sorbet (3)(7) (Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, raspberry) 1,50€